Our 2014   Individual and Family Plans (IFP) product   launch is truly “history in the making” with a new marketplace, a   new medical plan portfolio, new dental and vision plans, and new market   changes.Our new IFP portfolio
Today we’re unveiling our brand new portfolio of ACA-compliant PPO and EPO   products, available for you to sell to a marketplace with millions of new   potential IFP customers. We are also introducing new provider networks, our   first-ever stand-alone IFP vision plan, and expanding our dental plan   portfolio with five new plan designs to broaden your clients’ options for a   total health package.
Get all the information you need     for your individual health plan at www.ECALHP.COM  .
Everything you need to know about our new plans and provider networks can be   found in our Online Broke Guide. You’re just a click away from discovering   all the reasons why Blue Shield is uniquely positioned to be your recommended   carrier of choice for the new market.Plan withdrawals and client retention
All non-grandfathered plans will be withdrawn from the market effective 12:00   a.m. on January 1, 2014. For most members in these plans, we will recommend   one of our new ACA-compliant plans for an easy transition. More information   on plan withdrawals and retaining your clients is available in our Online   Broker Guide.New sales materials coming soon!
We have a variety of new marketing materials to help you sell our new plans,   including a new sales brochure, the Plans at a Glance (PAAG) brochure, and   the Benefit Summary Guide. Download what you need from Producer Connection.   Printed copies of the PAAG will be available for order the week of September   16. Printed PPO and EPO sales kits will be available for order the week of   September 23. Refer to the Online Broker Guide for a more complete list and   description of materials.

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